Wednesday 4th

I started the day with a DEFA Department of Policy Strategy meeting. We were presented with a new bill that will shortly appear before Tynwald, revolving around consolidating some of the previous regulation to enable a more streamlined approach to applications for offshore wind, green energy and seabed exploration.


My attendance of the meeting was cut short as I had a prearranged meeting at Manx Utilities facilitated by Chairman Alf Cannan MHK, along with new member Ray Harmer MHK and the Chief Exec of Manx Utilities.


A thorough brief. I came away with some good news for St Johns, the dated open air sewerage treatment plant is due to be renovated this coming year with an up-to-date modern enclosed plant. However, not such good news for Peel. This is work in progress but Ray and myself both pressed for faster progress. It cannot be right that raw sewerage is still be discharged into the bay adjacent to one of the Islands most popular beaches as evidenced by the outfall pipes rupture earlier this year.

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