27th January
The day started with a meeting of the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee where we took oral evidence from the Minister of Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and his Chief Executive and two connected Officers. The evidence was taken in public and we had a wide ranging discussion that included Social Care provision both for young people and adults and how the Health Services is doing generally. It was interesting to note that we spend £1,962 per person in the Isle of Man compared to just over £2,000 in the UK generally, but its a difficult comparison to make as the UK system in general is substantially different to ours. However, our outcomes are similar and the Minister and new Chief Exec are making great improvements with efficiency in service delivery.

After a recent report on Porterage services which was less than complimentary, we were told that some Porters as a result of overtime payments were earning as much as £37,000 a year. This, we were reassured, is now not the case.

PM – This years budget documents available from 1300.

A private members briefing on the 2016/17 budget which for obvious reasons I cannot share at the moment.