Early morning start at DEFA HQ straight into a Department Policy Strategy meeting. A long agenda but managed to complete the same by 13:00, 25 mins for lunch and then a full Department meeting.

At lunchtime I received an update on the start of the King Scallops season – 61 vessels started fishing at 6am which went up to 67, mostly fishing off Peel. By lunchtime 39,600 kilos of King Scallops had been caught and a number of boats had returned to harbour having caught the allocated bag limit. One vessel was ordered out of the territorial sea for fishing without the right equipment. By the end of the day the toal catch was approximately 25% of the first day last year.

This plays well to the sustainability agenda and has reduced effort and pressure on stocks after the unedifying race to fish last year when a quarter of the previous year’s catch was caught in just 10 days.

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