Following a question to me in Tynwald yesterday with regard to Groudle Glen, as we were not sitting this morning I visited the Glen with two of my Officers walking the same from the Whitebridge entrance to the coast. I am pleased to report that the area leased by DEFA is in good heart and apart from a couple of minor defects in the walkways and some Japanese knotweed, I was pleased with the overall condition and appearance of the Glen.


We discussed rerouting part of the boardwalk which has been continually undermined by water erosion, this is ongoing with the owners and Onchan Commissioners acquiescence but will require planning in due course.


From Lhen Coan Railways Station to the coast, the footpath was in poorer condition and we will be working with government colleagues in DOI and the owners to try and secure a better surface.


Looking at the waterwheel itself it is indeed a unique feature and whilst renovation structurally would seem an easy option Onchan Commissioners are presently considering the future. The timber structure would be quite easy to maintain but from cursory inspection it is obvious the structure sits on a number of iron supports which appear badly corroded and would be very expensive to replace. Vehicle and machinery access to the Glen is very restricted to say the least.

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