Early Start – DEFA for Fisheries meeting to assess the King Scallop situation as we are nearing the end of the temporary bag limit.
Later morning – Agriculture Committee meeting progress report on various things including the Meat Plant and Isle of Man Creameries and update generally.
Lunchtime – Meeting in the acting Attorney General’s Office seeking legal advice on various government matters relating to DEFA.
Afternoon – Meeting with all members to discuss and put in further work in programme for government. This seems to be evolving well and progress will be  taken to Tynwald in January.
Later afternoon – Back to DEFA for planning appeal decisions to be made.
I guess Christmas starts here. The Christmas tree in DEFAs reception area certainly sets the scene.
Early evening – Wonderful nativity/carol service by St Johns School children in the Royal Chapel.
defa-christmas st-johns-school-carol-service