Another early start. DEFA Department Policy and Strategy meeting. A number of fairly complex papers and some in depth discussion followed by a full Department meeting.


Unfortunately at lunchtime no sandwiches as they had run out so straight into a Fisheries Directorate meeting where among other things decisions were made based on the new Scallop Board recommendations for the opening of the Queenie Scallop season. Followed by the Agricultural Committee.


Early evening – Peel Regeneration meeting at Peel Town Hall. Pleased to be able to report that work has almost been completed on the Market Place scheme and the extended areas. The next phase of work which unfortunately will result in some road closures will begin in the periphery streets such as Castle Street where they will be planed down and resurfaced – one could say not before time. I really hope this will improve the area around Market Place running down to the seafront and then the next stage will be to complete improvements and renovation to Michael Street.

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