House of Keys Sitting

Another short order paper which suited me well as I had a lot of DEFA business to deal with later in the day.


One oral question for me re the marketing strategy for the Meat Plant, it gave me an opportunity to clarify that Government does not run the Meat Plant, it is a company run by a farmers cooperative and as such, whilst we do provide technical support, marketing is purely down to the company.


It also enabled me to explain a little more about the tender process for future operation of the Plant which is now progressing to the procurement stage.


There were two questions to my fellow MHK in his role as DOI Minister, not unsurprisingly about the further delay in the Foxdale Road scheme which will see an extension of another 7 weeks after the brief opening over the TT period. To be fair much of the delay has been down to unexpected complications with the utilities rather than the DOI workforce itself.


Other matters were a Bill for first reading, Customs and Excise Bill 2017 and a Bill for third reading Statute Law Revision Bill 2016, both passed unanimously.


At 1200 I facilitated a members meeting with potential MLC candidate Alan Wright from Peel, all three candidates were available.


Lunch with the Right Honourable Sir Christopher Geidt, Private Secretary HM the Queen, with my fellow Ministers. An opportunity to extol the virtues of the Island as well as send some important messages back to HM Government.


Afternoon Single Legal Entity presentation to members, the second such presentation. I am serving on the sub committee and the meeting teased out some interesting concerns among members particularly with regard to dramatic change with associated cost and the potential distraction when trying to deliver the new Programme for Government.


The rest of the day spent dealing with department queries including fisheries and silt disposal.