Redeye special back to Ronaldsway, fortunately only 5 mins late. On to the Keys where with the Equality Bill passed it clauses stage the order paper was not too onerous. No oral questions for me.
Item 3 – House of Keys Standing Order Committee which contained three recommendations, which basically enables filming of sittings in the House of Keys and the broadcast of any part of the sitting in addition to question time.
Item 4 – Bill for second reading, Legislative Council Elections Bill, this is proceeding quickly as with the resignation of Mr Wild we have an MLC election pending.
Item 5 – Bills for Third reading, Beneficial Ownership Bill 2017, passed unanimously. Equality Bill 2016, passed unanimous. Fraud Bill 2017, passed unanimously.
Item 6 – consideration of clauses for the Income Tax Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, passed unanimously, including the tabled amendments.
Finally a motion from the Chief Minister that next Tuesday 14th in celebration of 150 years of democratic elections in the Isle of Man the House of Keys will convene in the Old House of Keys in Castletown to take evidence from Dr Kit Gawne at the Bar of the House of the introduction of the properly elected House of Keys in 1867.
We were finished by lunchtime which enabled a visit to Peel followed by an afternoon of much needed constituency work and a clear up in my private office.