House of Keys
A short order paper which flies in the face of recent motions for extra sittings during the summer recess. I should comment here that whilst we do have the greatest number of recess days in the UK gambit of 133 Westminster has 128 but the difference between Westminster and Tynwald is that we have to attend every sitting and quite rightly so with such a small number of members. As we all know from watching parliament TV Westminster MP’s are very sparse on the ground during most debates.

The order paper contained an oral question for me from Mr Moorhouse asking for a statement on progress with the preparation of the Animal Welfare Bill.

I was able to confirm that we have set up an Animal Welfare forum under the Chairmanship of Mr Cretney MLC and this has met on four occasions and it is hoped that we will have a bill ready for the 2018/19 Tynwald year.

Apart from this there was a bill for third reading Customs and Excise Bill 2017 which was passed unanimously and the final item was leave to introduce a Private Members Bill to amend the law relating to consent for organ donation.

This was also passed unopposed and an interesting statistic quoted we have 9 people on the transplant list in the Isle of Man and since 2010 sadly 6 have passed away whilst waiting.