Was supposed to be the final sitting of the House of Keys but because of the Brexit vote Tynwald Court was called for an emergency session.

Some light relief before the sitting when Svetlana Cameron unveiled her new portrait of Madam President who is retiring at the end of this parliamentary session. She also had on display a variety of other pictures she has painted which are really spectacular. The detail of Madam President is incredible and captures the essence of not only the subject but the surroundings in the Royal Chapel.

There is a small exhibition that will remain in the Tynwald Library and available for public viewing over the next few weeks.


The Tynwald Sitting resulted in an interesting debate and wide ranging. I made a fairly comprehensive speech on a more positive note than many as I am getting frustrated with all the negativity that seems to be following us around. There will, I am sure, be new opportunities, we have never been in the EU, they have never been our friends, they have done the best they can to destroy our financial services and European anti-competition rules have prevented us favouring Manx companies or Manx produce. Free from some of these shackles there are opportunities. Of course there are uncertainties and it would be silly to ignore these but we need to be positive both on island and when dealing with the outside world.

Tynwald Court unanimously supported the motion to support the Council of Ministers in their ongoing work to protect our island interests.

The final sitting of the Keys in this parliamentary session took place immediately afterwards, apart from a thanks to Bob Martin our Chaplain who is retiring and a short final speech made by the Speaker who is likely to be in another post within the next parliamentary session, there were 18 oral questions and 6 written.

Of interest a question about the leachate from the Raggatt which is apparently still sufficiently concentrated to require tanker transportation to the Peel sewage outfall where sea water dilution reduces it to acceptable levels.

From a personal perspective I think this needs addressing and may well be so when the new Peel sewage works comes online or the leachate could be disposed of via Meary Veg.

An interesting question on the number of calls to Government that are recorded, apparently of 5,000 incoming calls 212 are recorded and last year 241,000 calls were recorded.

The sitting was followed by the Speakers lunch, attended by most members.

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