Tuesday 27th October

My first Keys sitting, six items on the order paper including the Standing Order Committee looking at the appointment of the members of the Legislative Council and consideration of clauses in the Audit (Amendment) Bill 2015 and War Memorials Bill 2015. Finished at 12.30pm


Lunch presentation of the Pensions and Benefits Review reciprocal agreement with the UK. The essence of which is the Isle of Man and UK will, from April next year, be operating different state pension schemes and the proposal is that individuals who pay into both jurisdictions over a working lifetime will claim separate pensions from each entity. The overriding factor is that no one will lose out and there will be an additional cost to Government initially of around £250,000 pa. See news release below.


A further presentation from the Department of Home Affairs on four bills that will come before us in the near future. More on these at a later date.


Final meeting, the first meeting of the Select Committee on the Registration of Property of which I am a member. We elected a Chairman and clarified our remit to obtain further information on the land registration process.