Aprils Tynwald Sitting
An unusually short order paper, 6 members absent all on government business, the court did feel somewhat empty. However this did not stop some robust debate particularly around delivering the Programme for Government although in the final analysis it was passed unanimously.
There was some concern that the Programmes delivery is not ambitious enough but it is a plan and the document is a living and dynamic document to be reviewed annually in October, where there will be opportunities to examine outcomes and make meaningful alterations.
I had one piece of legislation which was passed unanimously, the Housing (miscellaneous) Act 2011 which was an amendment to that Act which introduces new housing standard regulations for HMO’s.
One member thought they weren’t tough enough but I did point out that these are minimum standards and many properties would be far better equipped. With registration now compulsory, we will in due course have a far better idea of standards of HMO’s around the Island.