House of Keys sitting. A busy order paper for me, an oral question regarding what action the department intends to take to ensure the long term viability of the Meat Plant. We are of course prioritising securing the future the Meat Plant and questions resulted in a number of probing supplementaries where I was able to offer reassurance that we view the Plant as a farming strategic asset.

There followed a debate on whether or not standing orders should be amended to allow the Keys to turn itself into a committee when looking at legislation. I was opposed to this as standing orders and the way we debate are there for a reason and a committee of 24 will prove challenging, but my fellow members despite my speech left me a minority of one so we will see how this pans out in due course.

I then presented the Dogs (Amendment) Bill 2016 for it’s second reading which went through with some debate about DNA testing, which is not part of this Bill, it’s more about animal welfare and micro-chipping but I have undertaken to look at feasibility of DNA testing within the department but this will require proper consultation.

The final piece of business Dr Allinson’s move to introduce a private members bill to update our abortion laws. I had received and continue to receive much correspondence from both sides of the equation. My preferred option was a committee referral before drafting but this was defeated and consequently we were asked to vote on the main motion which after considerable debate and reassurance from Dr Allinson that he is anticipating committee involvement at a later stage after drafting, the vote for him to bring forward a private members bill was passed with a substantial majority.

I have to say his speeches were both passionate and informed. It will be interesting to see the draft bill in due course.

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