A long three day Tynwald Court sitting, with much legislation and regulation passed as anything carried forward basically starts again with the newly elected Tynwald.
There were some 49 items on the main order paper and we got through them all.
A particularly contentious one was item 33 Road Transport Act 2001 which would have changed HGV regulation without the necessary standards manual being available. This was withdrawn and will be carried forward following representations from the Road Hauliers to the new administration.
There were some 95 questions of which 73 were for oral answer two thirds were from Mr Karran. I suspect there was an element grandstanding by some of my fellow members as this was the last session of Tynwald before the election, as anticipated, the majority were converted to written replies when we ran out of time.
Within the main order paper there were some significant items the Sea Services Agreement negotiations will continue with the Steam Packet but there was less enthusiasm for their offer than anticipated.
The Douglas Bay Horse Trams will continue for at least another 2 years and there is a commitment to retain the track along the whole of the promenade.
The review of the Functioning of Tynwald recommendations were passed and will be debated in more detail in the next Tynwald.
There was progress in Planning Reform with the adoption of the High Level Strategic Review of Planning in the Isle of Man and adoption of recommendations as a result of a petition for redress.
The Social Affairs Policy Review Committee Social Care Procurement recommendations have been adopted (I sat on this committee) and optimism was expressed for more local procurement as a result of Brexit.
The future Manx State Pension proposals were adopted so that means that within the last parliamentary session we have at long last set in progress pension reform in both the State and Public Sectors.
With my involvement with DEFA it was pleasing to see the Climate Change Mitigation Strategy, Sea Defences and Flooding, Costal Erosion Strategy, and the Landscape and Amenity for the Isle of Man Strategy passed.
An amendment to the Fire Precautions Act 1975 will bring our fire precautions in houses of multiple occupancy and flats up to date.
There were numerous other items, many of which were house keeping in terms of fee orders etc. All in all three long days but good progress.
As it was the last sitting of the present parliamentary term it was time to say goodbye to four members who are definitely not re-standing; Eddie Teare Treasury Minister, John Shimmin Minister for Policy and Reform, Peter Karran (the end of an era) and Zac Hall who has only served one term and is returning to his career as an airline pilot.
As for the rest of the members of the House of Keys we are all standing again so now it’s down to canvassing and a big push to get re-elected.
I am amazed at how quickly the parliamentary session has passed, it only seems like yesterday that I was a new boy. I look forward to resuming business in the event that electors return me for the new parliament.
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