House of Keys Sitting
The sitting started with the Commonwealth Day message delivered by the Speaker from by Her Majesty the Queen Head of the Commonwealth.
Split into two order papers, morning sitting at Tynwald Douglas only one question for me regarding the introduction of verbatim records of planning committee meetings. I was able to explain that planning committee is held in public, all the reports, files, officers reports and basic discussion as well as decisions are in the public domain and as such we have no plans at present to report planning committee proceedings verbatim with the additional cost and administration involved.
One Bill for third reading Income Tax Legislation Amendment Bill, passed unanimously and we were due to consider clauses in the Statue Law Revision Bill  2016 but this has been delayed to another sitting.
We recessed for lunch then progressed to Castletown where we held a special sitting of the House of Keys in the Old House of Keys at Castletown celebrating the 150 anniversary of the introduction of direct elections for the House of Keys.
Dr Gawne gave evidence around the evolution of the Keys which were self electing until 1867 and even after that date it was not common suffrage, males only and property owning or leasing or minimum income requirements applied.
Obviously that applies no longer but it was an interesting speech on how we have evolved to the modern democracy that we now are.
Commonwealth Day Message Old House of Keys Order paper Old House of keys 2