House of Keys Sitting
Proceeded by an early morning Council of Ministers meeting as we don’t want have one this Thursday.

No questions for me in the Keys other questions of interest.

A question for Economic Development around the suspension of work permits in the area of construction. It was pointed out by the Minister there was no suspension as such just temporary exemptions in other words the tap can be turned on or off depending on the number of people unemployed or available for employment in the Isle of Man.

Question for the Home Affairs it would appear that we will shortly have a fixed and portable camera for automatic number plate recognition on island and if successful these will be rolled out to more patrol cars. It is anticipated that this will improve enforcement of road tax and insurance, not only for on island vehicles but those registered in the UK.

A question to the Minister of Infrastructure with regard to track purchased by Government dispelling the myth that track purchased for the promenade was to be used in King Edward Road, apparently 300 pieces of rail have been purchased for the promenade and 400 for the King Edward Road.

Other business included first reading of the Casino (Amendment) Bill 2017 passed unopposed.

Suspension of standing orders to consider amendments to the Beneficial Ownership Bill 2017 passed unopposed

After the sitting was complete we reconvened for an experimental run through the new voting procedures for the Legislative Council.

Lunchtime presentation by Department of Economic Development looking at the employment statistics and skill base. The graph below vividly indicates labour market trends and indicates why some easing of work permits restrictions are in order. It was also interesting to hear how the number of apprenticeships on island is increasing year on year an effort to address skill shortages from the local labour force.

Followed by members participation in the KPIs for the Programme for Government. We are now at the stage where the second tranche of the programme will be before Tynwald in May for debate and final sign off by members. I was pleased to note the unanimity and the open approach continues to involve all members.

Graph 1 graph 2

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