Council of Ministers

Afternoon free as no workshop which enabled me to catch up on constituency business and correspondence.

7pm – Meat Plant public meeting at St Johns School – well attended over 200 people, mainly farmers, butchers and wholesalers a positive presentation where I stressed the need to look forward not backwards. I felt in the end of the 14 options that we refined down to the preferred 4 which in the end was refined o one which is seeking expressions of interest and going out to tender.

There was general acceptance that this was the way forward and I am pleased that the MNFU and FMA where able to give statements in support of this approach.

I did stress because there is a myth that DEFA runs the Meat Plant that we don’t, it is run by a farmers cooperative who are responsible for marketing grading and as Government we have been helping the Meat Plant to keep its head above water, what is in essence an ongoing financial crisis with substantial subvention. The preferred option gives us an opportunity of moving to a different business model more focussed on marketing that will hopefully capture more of the local market.