An early start on Thursday with departure via Gatwick then taxi to Stansted to Guernsey for the British-Irish Council meeting, where we discussed addressing the problem of food waste. Very topical with the very recent publicity surrounding the  same, recycling improving quality and quantity and update on invasive non native species and natural capital. A very positive meeting with ongoing work streams. Of particular interest was the work being done by Tesco’s in eliminating food waste with actions from farmer through the whole supply chain. Their target is zero for food waste within two years, somewhat ambitious I suspect but nevertheless moving in the right direction.
Throughout this I was dealing with the developing situation around the start of the Kings Scallops season where there was some good news in as much that the conservation measures taken over the last few years have produced bumper stocks. Despite the reduction in the number of vessels fishing, as an island we are not benefiting as we should from the catch, much of which is landed elsewhere.
I can assure those who have messaged me that the Department will be looking into new measures and working with the fisherman and processors  to ensure maximum benefit to our own fleet and economy, but mindful of ongoing conservation efforts and cooperation with our surrounding jurisdictions.
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