Tesco and Local Produce
Someone told me that Tesco were promoting local Manx produce, something I have been keen on for a long time. I called in and sure enough there were two shopping trollies telling us they stock over 100 Manx products. Don’t get me wrong this is a step in the right direction but when I looked in the baskets the reality is Isle of Man Creameries, Laxey Mills and Ramsey Bakery, consequently there are very few producers represented and 100 products come from the select few.
We must get Manx meat back into Tesco’s and Brexit may give us some tools. At the moment 80% of the meat sold on island is imported and 80% of Manx meat is exported, typically at low value to our Meat Plant.
Probably preaching to the converted but Shoprite are big supporters of local producers, particularly meat, and of course they are an Island based company.
Sign At Last!
I was out in the Greeba area canvassing and I am pleased to say that at long last Ballachurry Road has a sign, something that we started when I was a Commissioners maybe 4 year ago.
Ballachurry Road
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