First day of the Ministers meeting. A full agenda covering many environment charter commitments and international commitments with related sustainable development goals.
Climate change and how the different jurisdictions are dealing with the same. It would appear that we are well ahead of the game in many respects with a proper climate change strategy in place and low carbon initiatives in progress.
Afternoon session looking at the way forward. It would appear that many overseas territories unlike the crown dependencies rely on funding from both UK, EU and international sources. It was obvious that there was a big disparity between the way in which we focus on issues with internal funding.
A case study on planning reform in Alderney which prompted some discussion was particularly relevant as we are at present starting a review of our own planning structure.
Later session on Green Bonds and potential sources of funding, useful and informative. DEFA has a commitment to introduce energy saving initiatives by the end of this year.
Evening BBQ at an old Roman fort ‘the nunnery’. The pictures tell a story about how cold it was. The scenery however was stunning.
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