Council of Minister meeting. As always confidential but a productive meeting with some good debate.


Afternoon sitting of the House of Keys to select the new member for the vacant position on the Legislative Council.


The candidate I proposed came second. Congratulations to Mrs Jane Poole Wilson who will now serve for the next 7 or so months until four positions come up for vacancy in the electoral cycle.

The votes are – Jane Poole-Wilson – 14 votes. Alan Wright – 6 votes. Paul Beckett – 5 votes.

An evening engagement attending the annual Manx Fisherman Mission, an organisation I knew little of but now do. I must applaud them for the good work they are doing in the fishing community when fisherman encounter difficult circumstances, illness or hard times.


I was able to give an overview in what I hope was a positive vein in the progress we are making with the IOM Fisheries.


Picture – Chairman David Faulkner

David Falkner

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