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Last week saw Suzie and I on a pre arranged visit to Argentina where is appears that El Niño has reeked havoc particularly in the north with almost constant rains causing severe problems with the harvest.

However, politically the sun seems to be shining and I am tempted to say what a difference a year makes. Their recent general election saw the demise of Cristina Kirchner who’s Government had become institutionally corrupt with lies about inflation which currently runs at around 25-35% coupled with subsidies on basic food products and fuels, the usual control and buy votes mechanisms which now seem to have come to an end as the money ran out.

Nearly everyone we have spoken to had high hopes of the new administration and President and judiciary seem to have exerted some control and many of the last Presidents sycophants and corrupt officials are being charged accordingly. The public now know the truth about the state of the economy and it would seem that they are going to start dealing with their foreign debt.

Where am I going with this? We often moan about our own Government and I guess now that I am part of it I am on the receiving end, but when you visit countries like Argentina where there is a semblance of democracy which does on occasions re-exert itself it does highlight how lucky we are to live within the British Isles, which are some of the least corrupt and efficiently run countries in the world. It does highlight that despite our local complaints about our own Government things look decidedly sunny on this side of the Atlantic. That’s not to say its all roses as I know only too well, we don’t seem to go through these deep troughs of really bad governance that affect countries around the world.

Busy week in prospect for me, not just catching up but also plenty of new stuff on the plate.


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