IOM Government News Release Consultation on implementing Disability Discrimination Act ending soon


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Consultation on implementing Disability Discrimination Act ending soon


A public consultation on two documents related to the implementation of the Disability Discrimination Act 2006 will come to a close next Friday, 4 March 2016.


The documents are ‘Guidance on matters to be taken into account in determining questions relating to the definition of disability’ and the ‘Code of Practice – Rights of Access, Goods, Facilities, Services and Premises’.  Both have been developed to help the public, businesses and other organisations understand the requirements and implications of the law.


The aim of the legislation is to prevent discrimination against people with a disability in how goods, facilities and services are provided and the disposal or management of premises.  It also places a duty for reasonable adjustments to be made in the way services are provided if it is impossible or unreasonably difficult for a disabled person to make use of a service.


The Act is being implemented in four phases over the next four years with the next phase commencing in December 2016.  This approach has been taken to provide time for service providers to make any reasonable adjustments to comply with the Act.


A copy of the consultation documentation can be downloaded or copies can be requested by email on or by telephone on 695794.