Manx Gas
New Gas Tariffs
Unsurprisingly I have received a number of queries with regard to the new gas tariffs and the way they will affect individual households.
Manx Gas, over the last few days, have sent out new tariff leaflets with the banding structure depending on consumption, but failed to let households know what their previous years consumption was and which band they fall in.
In my opinion they are causing concern and distress that was not necessary had they given an indication of banding level and likely saving or additional cost.
For instance one lady that I have spoken to when she received clarification of her usage last year will under the new system save around £4 per year.
To find out what your previous consumption has been and which band you fall in phone 644400 with your customer reference number and I am told they will clarify the same.
I hope that helps.
Published On: October 16th, 2015 / Categories: Uncategorised /