Morning – a visit to the IOM Foodbank at The Housing Matters office in Douglas. An interesting insight into the work that they are doing and an opportunity to look at root causes of individuals and families requiring foodbank support. Encouragingly they are starting to collate statistics which will help inform us politicians as to where we may be able to address issues. With unemployment at an all time low, it is surprising that we have so many people in a situation where they require support. I look forward to receiving more detailed statistics in due course. From my perspective I hope they keep up the good work.


Lunchtime presentation on Strategic Services and our Open Sky Policy, which seems to be serving us well. Air fares, particularly on the main route to Gatwick are at an all time low – pity there aren’t a few more flights!


Afternoon meeting with constituents with regard to the proposed new sewerage plant at Glenfaba House in Patrick.


CEO update and preparation for Keys tomorrow.