Early morning – meeting with Mark Lewin CEO of Department of Economic Development (DED). A discussion into how DEFA relates to DED areas of crossover trying to breakdown the silo mentality.
Mid morning – signed off some pink papers moving the BVD eradication in our cattle a step closer I hope.
Late morning – discussion and review to process the new combined scallop management board. Hopefully this will be up and running in time to inform bag limits when the Queenie season starts later this year.
Afternoon – meeting with CEO.
Evening – privileged to be able to open a young farmers meeting about the future of farming on the Isle of Man with key speaker Alan Jagoe President of the European Council of Young Farmers. A farmer himself in Co.Cork he has over the last 6 years travelled to all of the European community countries and some outside, including his first visit to us. It would appear that all of the countries he has visited are facing the same problems in farming that we are, namely those of succession access to land and capital/loans. He made some dire predictions based on demographic research that unless we up our act to help the younger generation into the industry, within the next 20 to 30 years there will be very few real farmers. He made the point that the Green lobby keep scoring environmental stewardship points that are frequently prejudicial to farm production and that at the end of the day we need food. The farming community should make it’s case and stand it’s ground as farming can be environmentally friendly, it sculptures the landscape and produces an essential ingredient to life. All in all a good meeting and there were some good ideas put forward that may help inform policy here.
Young Farmers
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