Back to work with a vengeance – it’s surprising what builds up when you are away for 11 days even when you are dealing with emails and correspondence at arm’s length.


Spent the morning catching up on constituency correspondence and department business.


After lunch into DEFA in preparation for the Dogs Amendment Bill and questions for Keys on Tuesday.


Constituents visit followed by early evening visit to Patrick Commissioners Foxdale to discuss the closure of Foxdale Post Office. There was a lively discussion and I put it to the operators of the petrol station/shop that when the road opens in 6 to 8 weeks’ time they perhaps give the Post Office 3 months to see whether it can be profitable because at the moment the evidence presented does not make it look viable. That will enable the community if it so wishes to rally around and improve viability, if that doesn’t work there is an indication that stamps and parcel collection will remain within the enhanced shop area.

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