A good meeting on Monday some constructive discussions and good updates of where we are.
Below is a list of items discussed which has now been forwarded to Highways as an aide memoire.
foxdale main road


Note on Foxdale Highways meeting

7pm on Monday 1st August St John School


Below is an update of the notes list from the meeting held on 27th June, in no particular order:-


1).        The scheme will start with or without the railway line as a relief road.


2).        Planning application for junction improvements in and Highways want approval of this before starting.


3).        Start date will be slightly delayed as Highways want results of both the junction planning and railway line planning. Programme to be readjusted.


4).        Mines Road junction to be done first, simultaneous with lower end of the Main Road this will preserve access to the garage/shop and pub for the maximum amount of time.


5).        H&S have now checked railway line access and comfortable with vehicle and pedestrian access. They have discovered Japanese knot weed and Himalayan Balsam. These invasive species to be removed during the work.


6).        Traffic humps every 50 meters on the railway line access road, it severely restricts speeds to max 20 mph. Height access restricted to car, van and small minibuses.


7).        Ballanass turning areas to be investigated.


8).        It is intended that the railway line access road will not be advertised generally as a diversion and it aims at local traffic as access only, official diversion for heavy vehicles etc with start many miles out and it is anticipated that over 100 signs will be required.


9).        The Kionslieu Hill to Archallagan via Lhoobs Road will be one way.


10).     Bus Vannin were in attendance and have taken on board all comments with regard to mini bus satellite service with regard to work access and schools.


11).     They are also taking over the school link routes on a supervisory basis from September, schedules will be worked out with Highways in due course.


12).     No lighting possible to railway line.


13).     Progress on drain laying approx 15 meter pre day but maybe slower depending on conditions and there will be no rock pecking if at all possible.


14).     General access, Highways will facilitate wherever possible particularly with regard to refuse oil delivery post etc.


15).     Work will be 6 days a week but not overnight.


16).     Independent pre-condition survey to be carried out shortly.


17).     Highways will take over and liaise with Commissioners to ensure relief roads are properly cut back and prepared for additional traffic.


18).     School access discussed possibility of mini bus or taxi service.


19).     2 to 3 weeks for preparing of relief road on railway line.


20).     5 to 6 weeks for Mines Road junction works.


21).     Old water mains will be replaced could be asbestos or lead.


22).     On cessation of works smiley signs to be introduced in upper and lower Foxdale and at each end  of main village there will be gateway feature aimed at traffic calming and a hatched area in the vicinity of the junction to slow traffic down.


As before I think this covers items discussed, it is intended that Patrick Commissioners will call another meeting prior to commencement of work with particular emphasis on bus access.


Further items as a result of correspondence between Geoff Gelling with regard to MUA

1.    All poles and overhead cables will be removed by the MUA on completion of their works to place the electricity cables underground.

2.    The service poles will be in use until the electricity supplies have been connected to the underground cables. This includes the service supplies to the properties which will be undertaken by the MUA.

3.    The service pole at Chapel Row will be removed as part of the works. The only poles which will be seen will be the new street lighting columns.

4.    It is the MUA’s intention to remove all poles and overhead services as part of the works.



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