Foxdale Highways Works Public Consultation Meeting
Monday 27th June Foxdale School

As promised below is a précis in no particular order of the items raised at the public meeting.

1). Query over length of time, will it be less than 9 months. Yes could well be we will get a better estimate when plans finalised at next meeting.

2). Phasing will that be continuous. Yes has to be for the laying of the final tarmac coating.

3). Access for refuse, post, oil etc. Yes that will be facilitated.

4). Bus schedules and in particular buses for school children, QE2 etc. Bus Vannin contacted.

5). Turning area for buses. Being looked into.

6). Compensation for businesses (there will be none), but rate relief. Commissioners to post details on their Facebook site.

7). Tarmacking Old Railway line, pedestrian access, division of roadway, possible lightning for dark nights. On going.

8). Planning permission for Old Railway Line to be applied for (Tuesday 28th) will await public reaction to the same.

9). Possibility of two way traffic down railway line. Restriction because no more than 300 meters so no go. Access will be restricted to small vans and cars, no large commercial vehicles.

10). Could work schedule be adjusted so that more work takes place in the summer period around the TT and MGP. Not likely a programme will commence in September.

11). Objection to running things around those two events.

12). Traffic calming – two schemes available. Pointed out that traffic calming will reduce parking by at least 10 spaces. Possibility of speed humps/20 mph limit but there is associated noise and at present unlikely that limit will be reduced from 30mph.

13). Substitute mini bus for normal school bus to enable access along railway line

14). Possibility of keeping road open dismissed due to depth of excavation of new drainage pipe and available space due to services and both sides of the road.

15). Widening footpaths might be possible in places but due to carriage width difficult without loss of parking spaces. Whilst works being carried out possibility of upgrading Manx telecom broadband (fibre optic cable).

16). Introduction of village gateway entry either end of village to reduce speed through the village.

17). Hedge cutting in surrounding roads become DOI liability during road works?

18). Work 8am to 6pm there will be an accelerated programme.

19). How to police traffic type access to railway line, height restriction etc, it is intended to introduce a height restriction barrier and speed bumps to reduce speed with a 20mph limit.

20). Junction with Mines Road improvements to Old Tackle Box Site and possibility of improvement visibility to the right. There is a land purchase issue here.

21). Possibility of further traffic calming as part of scheme to include lower Foxdale.

22). Discussion over delaying the scheme but vote on the night indicated only one person in favour of that because of worry over loss of funding.

23). Discussion over one way schemes through minor roads, Department to come up with firm proposals.

24). Possibility of upgrading pedestrian access to Old Railway line via track between Brookfield Terrace.

25). Condition survey of all properties likely to be affected to be carried out prior to work commencing.

I think this covers most of the items as recalled. There are some that I have added as a result of email correspondence prior to and after the meeting. There will be further explanation at the next meeting but these points provide a basis for Highways to work with.

Geoffrey Boot
Member of Isle of Man Parliament Tynwald
MHK for Glenfaba
Department Member Department of Economic Development
Department Member Department of Environment Food Agriculture

Tynwald: 01624 685485
Mobile: 07624 381497

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