Dredging of Douglas and Peel harbours

Work will start on Monday 16 May to remove up to 7,000 tonnes of stone from Douglas and Peel harbours.

A long reach excavator will be positioned alongside the boat park to carry out the work in Peel, which is scheduled for completion before the beginning of the 2016 TT festival.

The excavation of around 2,000 tonnes of stone from Peel harbour will largely take place during daylight hours on weekdays in order to minimise any disruption to nearby residents.

Peel quayside will remain open and traffic management measures will be in operation to assist the safe flow of vehicles.

An excavator will also be used to clear approximately 5,000 tonnes of stone from Douglas harbour in the area adjacent to the Tongue buildings.

This work will remove the material brought down by last winter’s heavy rainfall and will facilitate ongoing maintenance.

Local contractors will undertake the work at Douglas and Peel on behalf of the Department of Infrastructure. The excavated stone will be processed and recycled.

Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne MHK said: ‘A great deal of work took place at Peel harbour last year to prevent the closure of a large number of berths. It is important now to try to keep on top of the situation and carry out regular maintenance.’