A number of people commented that I had not posted much over the Christmas and New Year period.
Firstly parliament has been in recess although department work has continued it has been somewhat quieter over the holiday period.
Secondly I thought people might need a respite. We have also been away over the new year on a cruise in the Canary Isles, somewhat warmer than the Isle of Man. Even whilst on holiday I was carrying out some research into deep water cruise berths around the islands, something topical at present for the Isle of Man (and before you ask this was a self funded trip!). It would have also been a little bit silly to flag up the fact that we were away for security purposes.
I would also like to thank all the people involved in the Christmas social activity that we attended over the Christmas period, we particularly enjoyed the carol services.
It’s now back to business as usual, a happy new year to everyone.
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