Attended the above with fellow department member Martyn Perkins and officer support. An interesting array of speakers mainly from NGOs involved in climate change study and promoting green initiatives although two key note speakers were from the political side of the spectrum.

Some interesting facts, hypothesis and some good ideas. I was however left with the feeling that many of the non-political participants are living in a bubble world of imminent disaster driven by manmade climate change and were quite closed minded when it comes to the political reality of delivering phased and practical change. It’s fair to say that no one wants a polluted planet nor one where climate change wreaks havoc but as recently announced it would appear planetary warming has been taking place at a far slower pace than predicted, yet there seemed to be no reflection on that within the conference. I am fully signed up to us doing our bit, it’s difficult to argue against renewables. With the advent of improved battery technology then community and micro generation maybe the future but this will have a disruptive effect on present power generation strategy and delivery. Politically this has to be managed within restricted budgets and that’s the balance I am struggling with as are my fellow politicians on island.

All in all some great ideas that will help towards our own CO2 reduction and climate change strategy.