I am sorry but I have been so busy of late I just haven’t had time to complete my usual blog. So to catch up:-
Thursday 14th
Back at DED again for a meeting with senior management, a substantial business in the Isle of Man. A positive meeting and hopefully the business will now stay in the Isle of Man with a possibility of further growth for the near future.
Presentations to Tynwald members on agriculture and fisheries grant scheme
Friday 15th
Greeted American friends at the welcome centre, they were cruising on the Azamara Quest. Spent the morning showing them the island with a pleasant lunch in Peel.
I then attended the Food Business Steering Group meeting at DEFA.
Saturday 16th
Started canvassing. Coffee in Peel later. Suzie and I dipped our toes into the Peel Secret Gardens.
Sunday 17th
Coffee at St James Church Dalby. Some interesting conversations with constituents. A further visit to Peel and it’s secret gardens, more was revealed and later in the afternoon to St. Pauls Church in Foxdale for their summer fair. Always amazed at the great voluntary work people do what a wonderful range of food at some of which formed our pudding later in the day.
Monday 18th
A morning meeting at DEFA with the Manx Wildlife Trust. Junior Tynwald Court, sadly I didn’t get there as I had a busy late morning with constituency work and preparing for tomorrows Tynwald sitting.
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