A busy few days, have nearly finished canvassing in Dalby, Glen Maye and Foxdale. The weather has not been that conducive. Local issues on the doorstep continue to revolve around, in Foxdale the main road still requires resurfacing and speeding through the village is not good. The old tackle shop where they have relocated the Millennium Stone just doesn’t look right and needs further work. At the end of Archallagan Terrace the new play area is a mess, I understand the problems with regard to the developers but the Commissioners could get it cut as they will ultimately have responsibility when the land is transferred. The Clock Tower, an icon of Foxdale, would be better in the Commissioners ownership, subject to being put in good order. Preschool or lack of remains an issue.

foxdale clock tower

Glen Maye and Dalby have thrown up some other challenges, high speed broadband for Dalby would be good news and there is the perpetual conundrum of high speed traffic through the village. The highway verges and pavements also look very unkept and should have been sprayed out much earlier in the season.

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