Broadband Speeds Dalby


As a result of constituents complaints in Dalby about broadband speeds I have been endeavouring to get Manx Telecom to upgrade the service.


Copied below is the recent correspondence from them, please note the third from last paragraph where they are requesting users to register their telephone numbers on the VDSL internet register. The more that register in the Dalby area the more pressure there will be to upgrade the service.



As I am sure you are aware there are many factors which can affect attainable broadband speeds, the main factor being the telephone line length from the serving exchange or remote Fibre To The Cabinet equipment; a longer line on an ADSL based service will not be able to provide a comparable speed of a shorter line on a VDSL or VDSL+ based service. As the attainable speed of broadband, and available technology, will differ based on specific line conditions we have a broadband availability tool on our website so customers can check the availability of services in their area and what the typical speed range would be, this tool can be found here:


I cannot comment on the individual customer example quoted in your email but Dalby village is fed from a remote broadband node at Glen Maye which reduces the effective distance from the St Johns exchange which, whilst currently out of range for VDSL-based services, does enable far better speeds than if it was served directly from the exchange.


Manx Telecom is committed to our ongoing investment in broadband services to ensure that the Island’s average broadband speed continues to remain comparable to that of the rest of the UK. Our Fibre To The Cabinet program of installing remote broadband equipment in roadside cabinets provide the Island with 100% coverage for ADSL2+, 89% coverage for VDSL and 60% coverage for VDSL+ services.


Whilst we will be continuing our Fibre To The Cabinet program to further increase the availability of VDSL services around the Island, at this time I do not have any information when a node would be enabled in the Dalby area. Your constituents can send in their telephone number to us and be added to our VDSL Internet Register which is used by our engineering teams to assist in evaluating areas for FTTC node deployment; if they wish, please ask your constituents to send their telephone number to and we will add them to the register and contact all customers when VDSL services become available to them.


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