For those that have already applied and those that may wish to get advance votes before the election on 22nd September, I am informed by the Returning Officer that the ballot papers are now available at Corlett Bolton & Co’s Office, 32 Market Street, Peel. IM5 1AE Tel: 676868 and their opening hours are:-
Monday 9am-8pm
Tuesday 9am-5.30pm
Wednesday 9am-1pm
Thursday 9am-5.30pm
Friday Closed
If you haven’t heard back, and have already put an application in, you can phone and make an appointment. If you still need an advance voting form then they are available on the Government website, from Corlett Bolton or indeed I can get one to you.
The Returning Officer has asked me to remind people that when they intend to vote they need photo ID, i.e. driving licence, passport.