Spent the morning in a Policy Development Workshop with the new members. I have to say there is a different feel about Tynwald and I am hoping that workshops like this will lead to more consensus and understanding of where we are going in the next five years.
As a new Minister I found it useful as it certainly highlighted priorities in my sector. I think fellow Ministers felt similarly positive about the outcome.
Followed by a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Meeting, sadly I will be unable to attend the conference in December as it clashes with Tynwald and not unsurprisingly there will be regulation and legislation from my department.
Spent the rest of the afternoon in the department with my CEO  looking at our departments programme and preparing for inauguration of the new department members, to be announced shortly.
6pm saw me at the launch of Cyclefest 2017 this will take place in May and looks set to be a bigger and better family occasion with some serious cycling competition thrown in.