See below press release passed in Tynwald this week. Hopefully this will go some way to addressing ICT staff shortages which are already losing us business on island.

Work permit exemption approved for ICT and e-Business staff

Tynwald has approved the Department of Economic Development’s proposal to exempt certain workers employed in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and e-Business roles from the requirement for work permits. The changes will come into operation on Tuesday 1st March.

E-Business, which includes e-Gaming, is the Isle of Man’s fastest growing sector and it is estimated that an additional 100 skilled workers will be required each year for the foreseeable future.
E-Business contributes approximately 25% of the Island’s National Income and directly employs over 1700 people. In addition, skilled ICT workers are required in nearly all sectors of the economy and such skills are in high demand globally.

Jonathan Mills, Director of e-Business, Department of Economic Development said:

‘I am very pleased that Tynwald has approved the work permit exemption order. There is a definite need for workers to fill the high number of vacancies in the ICT and e-Business sectors and I believe that this change in legislation will help to ensure our sectors continue to grow and thrive on the Isle of Man.

‘We have been working closely with leaders in the private sector to ensure that we have the right restrictions on the exemptions to make sure that essential, skilled workers can be found and hired.’

The exemptions form part of a wider strategy to tackle the shortage of employees in these sectors, including work to develop skills locally with education, training and the expansion of apprenticeship provision.

More information on the conditions of the exemptions will be available on the Isle of Man Government website in due course.

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