2nd February 2016
House of Keys

Two oral questions from me, the first regarding the lowering of the drink drive limit from 80mg to 50 mg per 100 millilitres, interesting statistics from the Minister for Home Affairs.

Road traffic accidents in the last three years were 939, 959, 909 prosecutions for drink driving as a result of these accidents 13, 5, 10 in each respective year. It would appear there is absolutely no evidence from an Isle of Man perspective that lowering the limit will reduce accidents, there is however a lot of evidence that it will infringe our law abiding citizens ability to have a pint or a drink with a meal and endanger the livelihood of many of our pubs, bistro and restaurants. In fact a 60% reduction in trade was observed in Scotland after the introduction in 2014.

My second question was to do with the number of convictions in 20mph limits and 30mph limits, once again interesting in the last three years there were 10, 1, 6 respectively in 20mph limits and 280, 118, 67 in 30mph limits. The need for lower limits and higher penalties would be negated through better enforcement and this was admitted by the Minister.

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