1st December

House of Keys sitting this morning, a much shortened question time as Mr Karran was absent. So 10 questions carried forward until next week.


Some interesting Bills for first reading the Consumer Protection (Amendment Bill 2015) aimed at addressing cold calling the Financial Intelligence Amendment Bill 2015 and the Marine Infrastructure Management Bill.


We had the second reading of the Road Races Bill 2015, there is still some controversy around the proposed Sunday afternoon racing and access to places of worship etc but I was satisfied that the racing referred to was only likely to occur on two or three weekends a year and this has to be balanced against the economic benefits and the fact that motor sports are a common feature of Sundays world wide.


Bills for third reading were Criminal Procedure and Investigations Bill 2015 and Highways (Amendment Bill 2015) both of which were passed unanimously


Lunchtime presentation of the Consumer Protection Amendment Bill by the Office of Fair Trading following on from the first reading earlier in The Keys.


Late PM – A meeting with Andrew Lees at DEFA he is the newly appointed Business Manager, he has some ambitious ideas which fit well with my DEFA delegation which covers food and value added as well as my DED delegation in the retail sector.