26th January House of Keys sitting
Some interesting questions:-

Should members of the Legislative Council have positions on the Council of Ministers – the general consensus was no and this refers specifically to Tim Crookall MLC who is holding over as Minister for Department of Education and Children, probably quite logically until the general election in September.

It would appear that we will be retaining the option for people to opt into organ donation rather than opt out as has happened in some jurisdictions.

We may be in for a dedicated compulsory contribution scheme for younger people to pay for future nursing and residential care.

Some discussion around the electoral roll, it would appear lessons have been learnt and there will be a series of reminders sent out before the local elections, but it was also pointed out that it is a legal obligation with a fine of up to £1,000 for not registering although it is unlikely that anyone will be fined.

A question over the price of fuel/oil on the island, one of my continuing beefs, from central heating oil to road fuel we seem to be consistently about 10p a litre more than the average in the UK. I have tried to drill down on this as has the Office of Fair Trading but there is little progress, it is smoke and mirrors.

After questions the main order paper was well filled and we sat until nearly 6pm with three Bills for first reading, one for consideration for amendment, one for second reading and an interesting approval for the introduction for a Private Members Bill that will provide for the Chief Ministers appointment by members of the House of Keys only, rather than the joint houses which include the non elected members of the Legislative Council at present (Tynwald Court).

There were a further five Bills where clauses and amendments were considered.