After last nights launch time to see whether this inaugural event was going to work. There were some excellent keynote speakers and workshops covering anything from digital data, social media, getting acquainted, funding and grants etc.

On the ground it looked like a reasonable turnout and it has now been confirmed that over 1500 people attended there were certainly a lot of island business people in evidence, of course with events like this long term results can take several years to come to fruition.

I was very impressed by Jim Mellon’s presentation ‘The third industrial revolution is here:how the island will benefit’ it was inspiring and scary at the same time as he explained the speed at which computer technology is changing our world, although slightly depressingly he explained computer chip technology using present materials has come to a halt in terms of miniaturisation which means without innovation which of course is probably in the pipeline, computers are not really getting any better its more to do with the aps and the technology that goes with them. He was quite blunt in as much that many of the ways in which we do business at the moment and existing big businesses will not be around in 20 or 30 years time but more worryingly for me with my role in DED in the Retail Sector he predicts the demise of conventional retail over the next 10 to 15 years.

A further keynote presentation by George Berkowski ‘The truth behind billion dollar aps and the next wave of opportunity’ also predicted complete change in the way we will do business with super aps such as Uber paving the way and overtaking conventional website internet marketing.

Later in the day a little less grounded, a lecture from Blaine Baggett from NASA on ‘The search for life beyond Earth’ appropriate really when we have an on island space industry and with Jim Mellon predicting reusable rockets he was suggesting that we might think of starting a space vehicle registry, now there’s a thought!

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