I facilitated a meeting with Patrick Commissioners and Highways Engineers in connection with the above scheme. Explanatories required with regard to length of contract, road closures, alternative access.

It looks as though the work will start at the end of September and run for nine months. There is going to be disruption and the A3 will be closed for between eight and nine months. One of the main reasons for the meeting was to drill down on the detail and see whether this time scale could be contracted or at least partial opening of the road facilitated, but the depth of excavations and services already in the Highway preclude that. Sadly it looks like a much disruptive period but I think most residents of Foxdale agree that the work badly needs doing. More details to follow.

Later morning Strategic Sea Services Working Group
Almost a final meeting of this group, there will be public announcement tomorrow by the Steam Packet after a presentation to Tynwald members at lunchtime – more later.

A late lunch in Peel and a chance encounter with ‘Pullyman’ an interesting conversation and a great character. I understand that his appearances around the island have been a sell out.