House of Keys sitting, only one oral question for answer from Mr Karran.
The main order paper consisted of a Bill for second reading: National Health and Care Services Bill 2016.
Consideration of clauses: Custody (Amendments) Bill 2016, Council of Minister (Amendment) Bill 2016, Local Government and Building Control Bill 2016 – all passed with minor amendments.
The Local Government and Building Control Bill has been amended to allow rates to be charged on unoccupied property but the final amendment had to be carried forward as the wording would rather humorously have allowed rates to be charged on places like Peel Castle, an unintended consequence.
Having finished at lunchtime I attended a presentation on MONEYVAL, this is to do with an audit that will shortly take place looking at our fiscal resilience to money laundering etc.
Afternoon visit to meet the Headmistress of QE2 School Ms Susan Moore. An valuable fact finding tour of the school somehow I still perceive it as being a new school which is patently not the case despite new editions 10 years ago many of the classrooms need updating, the original school was build for around 400 pupils they now have double that and there is definitely a requirement for modernisation and expansion.  However, their pupil attainment is excellent and there is little doubt that the Headmistress runs a tight ship that results in a school well perceived within the community.
QE2 school  2