20th January 2016
With the Tynwald sitting completed on Tuesday I took the opportunity today with my colleague Ralph Peake MHK, another member of the DEFA team, to take a tour of the DEFA Land Estate over 30,000 acres. It was a useful exercise  which started at the St Johns Saw Mill with a look at the wood pelleting process and the biomass boiler that heats DEFA HQ. This was followed by a tour of some of the woodland areas where much of the diseased Larch is being removed providing opportunities for biomass ie log burning for the foreseeable future a sustainable almost carbon neutral fuel.
We also looked at some of the on going work in the upland areas, particularly relevant as run off from these areas caused by poor management is a contributory factor to the recent flooding events. Of particular interest was the way in which water can be retained in the upland areas within the peat mass with proper management and blocking historic of drainage, which allows water to run off the hills in heavy rain overwhelming the river system. Below are some photos of the biomass boiler at St. Johns, wood pellet storage facility and drainage management in the upland areas.
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