Tynwald Court
All set for a long day, one of the main items Public Sector Pension Reforms was withdrawn before the sitting. An emergency motion was proposed to force a debate but I supported the withdrawal by the Council of Ministers as I felt there were a number of unresolved issues including future projections and protection of existing pension rights that might better be explored outside of Tynwald so that we may revisit the matter in June.

There were 11 oral questions followed by the main order paper. We had nearly two hours of debate over the proposed corporatisation of the Isle of Man Post Office. In the end 5 of the recommendations in the report were voted down whilst the main motion to receive the report now with recommendation one only passed. It will be interesting to see whether any further proposals come forward before July. I suspect this is unlikely, I certainly couldn’t support the recommendations at present. It seems to me that you have to have a good reason for corporatisation or privatisation and at the moment that case is not being made and we have too little detail about future service provision including sub Post Office and whether or not corporatisation Post Office would compete in sectors already adequately provided for in the private sector ie insurance, banking etc.

Vision 9 have now been formally appointed as the TT promoter for the next 10 years, although there are some key performer indicators that will enable Government to terminate the contract in the event of non performance.

We adjourned at 8pm and will be sitting tomorrow morning.