The first full sitting of Tynwald. As anticipated a fairly short order paper as we are yet to formulate policy going forward and departments are getting to grips with their new Ministers and preparing legislation for the coming year.
I fielded my first Ministerial question, slightly daunting being on the other side as oral questions can lead to supplementaries and there is no way of knowing which way they are leading.
My first question was with regard to reduced GDP in DEFAs areas of responsibility, much of which could be explained by the way calculations have been changed over the last two years and the re-classification, which has moved our principle activity into public administration, whereas prior it had been agricultural, forestry and fishing.
Nevertheless, there is a reduction in agricultural, forestry, fishing and income and this needs addressing. As expected the future of the Meat Plant was raised and I am already working on that.
I am pleased to say that we unanimously voted to reinstate free TV licences, with backdating, for the over 75s. It would seem that the BBC will, in 2020, cover the cost of this as indeed they are in the UK.
A select committee was also elected to look into the general election 2016 where there were some very obvious short comings, particularly with regard to the counting process.