16th March
Early morning Social Affairs Policy Review Committee, further oral evidence on the operation of Children’s Adoption and Social Services. We are nearing the end of evidence taking.
After last nights Tynwald Court decision a new avenue of inquires commenced, the first job to take evidence from those who have experienced Dependability’s Personal Capability Assessments (CPA).
Later a very interesting lunchtime presentation on the effects of ‘brexit’ on the Isle of Man and first contact with our Brussels representative. An interesting insight on the likely effects on our manufacturing and agriculture sector but interestingly Financial Services, egaming, the Aircraft Registry and Ship Registry are not directly affected by Protocol 3. There have been calls for a Tynwald debate but I suspect we should stay well away from that at this stage as  we have no vote in the UK EU Referendum and any public debate  may come back to bite us from which ever side wins the Referendum.
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