42 Items on the order paper including three pieces of regulation amendment from my department. Two revolving around Plant Varieties Act 1997 amending the same to bring us in the line with UK EU regulation to allow the export of seeds and plant material on island. Hopefully a market that will develop, particularly as a result of our UNESCO Biosphere designation.

The third an amendment on the Animal Health Act 1996 to improve the process of retrieving dead stock passports.

I was also requested to make a statement to the Court by Mr Crookall MLC on the King Scallop industry and what my department was doing to maximise economic return to the Isle of Man.

The Council of Ministers also brought forward an early review of a programme for government which triggered a fairly lengthy debate, one that hinted at the sentiment that particularly new members felt we were involving them in developing the programme, rather than working in isolation as the Council of Minister, then presenting the same as a fait accompli.

The detailed programme including outcomes will be presented to January Tynwald.

An item on the operation of the jury system resulted in a lengthy debate about a number of the recommendations and as a result recommendation 12, which revolves around jurors being paid by employers was voted down and the result of a split between the Keys and Legislative Council there were 3 other recommendations will return to the December Tynwald for a joint vote.

Fortunately we finished at around 8pm which leaves Wednesday available for some catch up work in the department.