14th June
House of Keys sitting. 21 oral questions for answer, some removed for written reply as Kate Beecroft was not in attendance. Of interest Mr Joughin member of Douglas East asked the Chief Minister whether there were any plans to set up a national art gallery in conjunction with the Gubay Trust in the Old Castle Mona Hotel, maybe a little premature as Gubay Trust have not been contacted in connection with the same but a supplementary revealed that 70% of Manx national heritage art and island memorabilia is not on display.

For some reason Mr Karran tabled a question with regard to the long term costs of the sewage treatment provision for Peel and St Johns with reference to the Old Iris proposals. Both myself and Mr Harmer were somewhat concerned at the question and supplementaries as neither of us wish to see either scheme compromised in view of the raw sewage still being pumped into Peel Bay. However the Minister did confirm that both schemes are not in jeopardy

A further question confirmed a 12 bed Bail Hostel will shortly open, plus female and disabled accommodation.

Mr Karran also asked about the £170 million investment proposed by the Isle of Man Steam Packet company in their recent offer, sadly he had obviously not done his homework as the offer documentation is in the public domain and we have had two Tynwald presentations on the same including working groups just this week.

10 questions were carried forward for answer at the next Keys sitting, one which caught my eye regarding the contaminates within the leachate from the Raggatt tip which are transported by tanker to Peel Harbour and discharged into Peel Bay via the sewage outfall. When I find out I will report further.

There were two other items both of which were passed unanimously, one regarding the Custody (Amendment) Bill 2016 which defined CCTV permissible purposes. The other Local Government Building Control (Amendment Bill) 2016 which better defined rating of dangerous of ruinous buildings.

There were four presentations over lunch into mid afternoon all reflecting items on next weeks Tynwald order paper, two from DEFA including the islands landscape and heritage plus climate challenge mitigation strategy.

Then a presentation from DHA concerning the Castletown and Port Erin Fire Stations and a new proposed combined fire and ambulance facility.

Finally a presentation from the Department of Health and Social Care regarding the possible purchase of a purpose built care home.


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